CyCraft is an AI company that forges the future of cybersecurity resilience through autonomous systems and human-AI collaboration.



Continuous Threat Hunting

AI-powered & forensic-based threat hunting inspects thousands of endpoints simultaneously to reduce dwell time and eliminate hidden threats residing on your endpoints.


Situation Awareness

Identifying indicators of compromise and suspicious behaviors to assess the state of your cyber posture and determine if a breach happened or is actively occurring.


Root Cause Analysis

Utilize the CyCraft AIR platform to demystify the root cause and present storyline of breach to understand how and where it occurred and harden your cyber resilience.


Automated Alert Validation

CyCraft understands your security teams review several thousand alerts each day, on average. The CyberTotal platform analyzes intelligence that matters to your security team and automatically prioritizes for you.


Auto Incident Response

CyCraft combines Forensic Telemetry Analysis (FTA), lateral movement correlation, malware modeling, and global threat intelligence into one single platform called CyCarrier for orchestrated and automated modern security operations.


How AIR Works
Either on premise or via cloud, AIR inspects thousands of endpoints simultaneously, detects real-time threats, discovers the root cause, and instantly responds. Our Xensor agent-less mode scans the endpoints on a daily scheduled basis, while the agent mode constantly monitors the endpoints for any malicious activities.

The collected raw report from Xensor is sent to CyCarrier (AI-powered forensic analytics center), where it investigates malware samples, commands in memory, and other suspicious activities that signatures-based or anti-virus fail to classify. To enrich the CyCarrier’s database, the Cybertotal (Threat Intelligence) platform integrates internal sources with updated multiple external CTI data sources to provide the unique business intelligence.

XENSORNext-Generation MDR Endpoint Security System

Combining machine learning with unique forensic telemetry technology, Xensor provides highly efficient automated threat triage and remote endpoint access for incident investigation and threat hunting.

CYBERTOTALGlobal Threat Intelligence Platform

Sharing threat intel and related security information has become an important early action mechanism to prevent and respond to attacks; however, traditional Cybersecurity Threat Intelligence (CTI) is dominated by exchanging static blacklists of IPs, domains, and MD5s, lacking higher-level attacker intelligence.

CYCARRIERAI-Driven Security Operations Center

Although traditional MSSPs/SOCs can quickly generate alerts, the subsequent dealing of false positives and the ensuing security investigations, especially root cause analysis, is inefficient, resource-draining, and slow.