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Understanding the Threats Targeting Taiwan and the Adversarial Techniques, Tactics, and Procedures Taiwan Organizations Face

Political deterrence. Industrial espionage. Fraud. Money laundering. Identity theft. Although the main island of Taiwan is a mere 36,000 square kilometers (roughly one-fourth the size of England), cyber attacks in Taiwan are four to dozens higher than worldwide averages and, due to its special geopolitical situation, frequently encounters the most sophisticated, persistent, and aggressive threats before the rest of the world.

Who targets Taiwan, and why? How can organizations in Taiwan retain resilience against some of the most sophisticated premeditated cyber attacks in the world? What can the rest of the world learn from the Taiwan cyber landscape?

Download the “Taiwan Threat Trends” report to learn more about:
  • The Taiwan cybersecurity landscape
  • Threats targeting Taiwan industries
  • Recent threat trends in Southeast Asia
  • TTP of threat actors targeting Southeast Asia

Download the report now!

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