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The CyCraft ThreatWall Threat Intelligence Gateway (TIG) unifies automated detection and response with the latest in global threat intelligence surveillance in one multi-purpose box that stands guard 24/7/365. ThreatWall blocks both potential inbound threats from entering and compromising your environment as well as outbound traffic towards any unauthorized or malicious C2 server.

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Whenever known malicious activity such as new types of malware, phishing attacks, APT relay stations, etc. are detected, traditional preventative solutions primarily rely on the exchange of static blacklists, making it difficult to detect and block malicious activity in real-time and severely lacking the intelligence needed to prevent sophisticated targeted attacks.

CyCraft ThreatWall fully integrates with our CyberTotal global threat intelligence platform, routinely self-updates with the latest in global intelligence, provides enterprises with effective solutions to prevent new types of threats, and leverages contextual threat information to enrich indicators of compromise (IoC).

ThreatWall can display multiple records in real-time, including all blocked traffic, recognize relevant evidence of malicious behavior, block outbound traffic to known C2 servers, provide reputation and confidence ratings of multiple intelligence companies for blocked targets from numerous international threat intel sources, and display the geographic address and country of origin of IP addresses. ThreatWall should be the first and last line of defense for any network seeking resilience against modern threats.

CyCraft, ThreatWall, Threat Intelligence Gateway (TIG), InfoSec, Check
  •  Compatible with DNS RPZ
  •  Prevent Malicious DNS Queries
  •  Reduce Costs on RPZ Compliant Solutions
CyCraft, ThreatWall, Threat Intelligence Gateway (TIG), InfoSec, Check
  • Global Cyber Threat Intelligence with Dynamic Automated Updates
  • Proactive Cyber Defense
  • Reduce Risk of Zero-day Attacks
CyCraft, ThreatWall, Threat Intelligence Gateway (TIG), InfoSec, Check
  • Provides API and CSV Download Functionality
  • Conveniently Integrates with Multiple Security Platforms
CyCraft, ThreatWall, Threat Intelligence Gateway (TIG), InfoSec, Check
  • Inline Blocking and Mirror Mode
  • Flexible Deployment Architecture
  • Reduce Processing Burden of Back-End Security Technology







Generate compliance reports that adhere to standards issued by various National Information Security Information Sharing and Analysis Centers (ISAC) and other institutions (including F-ISAC, etc.)


ThreatWall enriches IOCs with up-to-date global cyber threat intelligence. Combined with AI-driven analysis, ThreatWall provides enriched and contextual threat intel on blacklists and malicious behavior.


Gain up-to-date intel on malicious domains, C2 servers, IP addresses. Enjoy an IoC Capacity of over 50 million, and reduce the risk of zero-day attacks.

CyCraft Technology, Cybersecurity, ThreatWall Box, Threat Intelligence Gateway

Key Features

  • Full Integration with CyberTotal Threat Intelligence Platform
  • Dynamic Automated Updates on Global Threat Intel
  • Compatible with DNS RPZ
  • API and CSV Download Functionality
  • Inline Blocking and Mirror Mode
  • No SSL Decryption Keys Required

Your CyCraft representative is standing by to help you with an incident or answer any question regarding our incident response, compromise assessment, or managed detection and response products and services.

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