CYCARRIERAI-Driven Security Operations Center

Although traditional MSSPs/SOCs can quickly generate alerts, the subsequent dealing of false positives and the ensuing security investigations, especially root cause analysis, is inefficient, resource-draining, and slow.

CyCraft has created a world-leading AI-Driven Cybersecurity Situation Center. It is a hybrid of our patented AI analytics and a team of top-level security experts. The Situation Center is capable of providing continuous security analysis, which leaves nowhere for hackers to hide.

Using the full endpoint data set as an integrated unit allows MSSP/SOC teams to execute remote forensics with cockpit-style visualizations and controls, to expediently ascertain the security threats within the enterprise, and to automatically analyze the case situation in an innovative AI- & evidence-based environment. Our virtual agent's contextual inference can automatically generate malware association maps (file comparison), program behavior association diagrams (call graphs), attack context charts (lateral movement) and intrusion case timing diagrams (storylines), to bring MSSPs/SOCs to the next level.


Integrate Xensor and Cyber Total to collect internal and external intelligence, identify attacks, and proactively identify new and latent threats.


Through our situational awareness technology, we outline the forensic environment and connected web of threat activity, empowering you to see the full picture.


Through high-interaction visuals of root cause analysis, attack sequence diagrams, case timing diagrams & more, you can respond to threats swiftly and precisely.

Key Features

  • Security situational awareness visualization
  • Intelligent virtual AI Analyst
  • Automatic case analysis
  • Collaborative investigation and team management
  • Improve MSSP/SOC team efficiency
  • Rapidly generate threat analysis reports supporting HTML, PDF, STIX, YARA, SNORT and more
  • Support for Chinese / English / Japanese reports