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CyCraft Japan Partners with Japanese Telecommunications Giant Net One Systems

By May 31st, 2022No Comments
CyCraft + Net One, CyCraft Cyber Security

Net One Systems and CyCraft

Since 2019, Net One Systems’ own SOC team has benefited from the accuracy and thoroughness of CyberTotal–CyCraft’s cloud-based global cyber threat intelligence (CTI) platform. CyberTotal is uniquely suited to aid SIEM SOC analysts by seamlessly integrating multiple diverse CTI sources, open-source intel, CyCraft’s proprietary threat intel, international threat actor information and behavior profiles, and near-real-time one-click threat investigations. CyberTotal is only one part of the CyCraft AIR security solutions suite.

In 2020, Net One Systems partnered with CyCraft Japan to formally represent and distribute CyCraft AIR. The CyCraft AIR security solutions suite leverages CyCraft’s proprietary and innovative AI technology to provide a multitude of security services, including post-intrusion incident response (IR) investigations, cyber attack root cause analysis, post-intrusion remediation and eradication plans, and Enterprise Health Checks to ensure user endpoints and networks are 100% free of cybercriminal activity. CyCraft AIR’s innovative AI-driven solutions drastically reduce the time and expense needed for large-scale enterprises to adequately respond to security threats while minimizing human error and risk.

Modern Cybersecurity Landscape

The current cybersecurity landscape is both mercurial and dangerous. Cybercriminals leverage zero-day exploits and custom hacker tools to bypass security systems with ease. The current pandemic has only heightened the risk as more and more vulnerabilities emerge due to more and more enterprises making the shift to remote work to protect their staff and customers. If hacker groups sponsored by nation-states want to get into your system, they will.

CyCraft AIR uniquely provides the AI-driven technology, intuitive UI, and actionable intelligence required to supply large-scale Japanese enterprises with an automated one-click Incident Response (IR) investigation tool that provides comprehensive system-wide analysis in under 24 hours.

CyCraft AIR provides users with a one-click IR solution. Once activated, CyCraft’s IR forensic scanner immediately collects vital forensic endpoint and network data across the user’s organization. The data is then thoroughly analyzed by CyCraft’s team of highly-experienced security analysts and CyCraft AI. In under 24 hours, customers are provided with both an analysis report of the entire cyberattack and a clear, actionable eradication plan. CyCraft AIR’s IR service also includes assistance to rescan and confirm eradication to ensure that customers are ready to resume business as quickly as possible.

“After Net One Systems introduced CyberTotal last year, we are honored to further cooperate with Net One Systems this time to promote CyCraft AIR, our AI-driven SecOps platform, to large Japanese enterprises. I look forward to helping more enterprises quickly detect security incidents and fight against ever-changing security threats.” James Cheng, CyCraft Japan COO

“CyCraft has a deep understanding of information security and top-tier technology to prove it. We are very honored to be able to collaborate with CyCraft. By leveraging the AI-driven security platform, CyCraft AIR, Net One Systems will provide customers with threat hunting services to detect malicious cyber intrusions that are difficult to detect with traditional endpoint security products. We aim to help Japanese corporations understand the potential security threats in the existing environment and effectively improve their corporate security resilience. In the future, Net One Systems will continue to use CyCraft AIR to provide Japanese corporations with comprehensive information security services and assist them with optimizing their business quickly and securely.” Tomohiro Iwamoto, Net One Systems General Manager of Business Development Division

About Net One Systems

Net One Systems Co., Ltd. integrates customer business software into public or private cloud systems and provides secure cloud services to the Japanese corporate ecosystem. To this end, NetOne Systems pursues the world’s most advanced and innovative technology, with verified, practical business applications. Net One Solutions provides their customers with the most advanced and practical expertise and solutions for a prosperous and secure future

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About CyCraft

CyCraft is a world-leading cybersecurity company and the fastest-growing cybersecurity company in Asia. They have developed multiple innovative AI-driven technologies to automate security operations, including IR investigation and Enterprise Health Check, all delivered via their information security monitoring platform, CyCraft AIR.

CyCraft secures government agencies, Fortune Global 500 firms, top banks and financial institutions, critical infrastructure, airlines, telecommunications, hi-tech firms, and SMEs.

In 2019, CyCraft participated in the U.S. MITRE ATT&CK APT29 Evaluations and received top marks in automated detection capabilities with zero configuration changes, which are critical in incident response. In Q1 2020, CyCraft won multiple gold awards in Cybersecurity Excellence Awards. CyCraft AIR won gold for IR in the 2020 Cybersecurity Excellence awards. CyCraft AIR also won Best Security Solution of Interop Tokyo 2020.

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